Our fresh produce software has been developed from the ground-up to transform the way you grow, pack and sell.

Radfords is home to a diverse team of skilled developers, system architects, analysts, implementation and support specialists. We love what we do, and we’re an easy-going, collaborative bunch to work with.

  • GROW

  • Transform day-to-day operations on your farm/orchard.

    Freshgrow is a complete farm management solution. From daily tasks and weekly must-dos to spray diaries and compliance monitoring, Freshgrow makes it easier to control and streamline workflow.

  • Transform workflow and quality management in the heart of your operation.

    Our FreshPack and FreshQuality apps are game-changers in the packhouse and coolstore, enabling more efficient grading and packing, and full traceability of any type of produce – from harvest through dispatch and all the way to the customer. FreshShift improves labour/labor management and cost control.

  • Transform the business end of your business.

    For marketers or vertically integrated suppliers looking for a way to make complex things simple, our FreshSales app manages orders, inventory, invoicing and grower payments to give you complete end-to-end visibility and control.




Grow Solutions

We make everything easier

Our software is straightforward to implement, intuitive to use and integrates smoothly with industry-standard equipment and financial systems. We work with you to make sure it’s working for you, and provide ongoing support.