FreshPack and FreshQuality are game-changers for the packhouse and coolstore, and will transform workflow and quality management in the heart of your business.

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FreshPack, our farm management software enables more efficient grading and packing, and full traceability of all types of produce – from harvest through dispatch and all the way to the customer.

  • Easily track bins and trucks
  • Manage all packing and labeling
  • Improve quality control and traceability
  • Manage coolstore inventory
  • Manage orders and payments
  • Customizable reporting and dashboards
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Inward Bins

  • Receipting of bins
  • Capture of bin details
  • Capture of truck dockets
  • Scanning of bins

Packing & Labelling

  • Set-up pack-run
  • Set-up graders
  • Select bins for packing
  • Print pack labels
  • Print labels online from table
  • Palletise packs
  • Print pallet cards

Quality Control

  • Capture quality results
  • Automated grade validation
  • Easily identify and segregate failed product
  • Trend reporting
  • Fully configurable QC defect definitions

Coolstore Management

  • Inventory management
  • Pallet locations
  • Empty bin management
  • Product reworking

Order Management

  • Create orders
  • Pick pallets to order
  • Pre-allocate pallets
  • Allocate pallets

Reports & Dashboards

  • Multi-level reporting
  • Easy to use pivot tables & charts
  • Customized reporting & dashboards
  • Interface to other Radfords products or 3rd party applications

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Our FreshQuality application makes sampling, QC and market compliance easier and more accurate.

  • Simplify sampling and recording
  • Improve QC pre and post-pack
  • Apply and control market holds
  • Get full reporting and analysis
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Quality Control

  • Record sample data from any type of produce including rolling fruit samples, grade and phyto sampling, reject analysis, etc.
  • Can be used for both pre-packing quality checks as well as condition checks on packed fruit.
  • Record fruit test results for Brix / Pests / Defects / Pressure / SPI / Colour tests and record overall fruit loss.
  • Automatic grade validation based on live captured quality results.

Fully Configurable

  • Defect definitions, sample types, market holds and actions / alerts / email notification as well as grading graphs are fully customisable, enabling fast response to fruit going out of grade.
  • Global layouts can be applied centrally to multiple PCs. Multi produce and multi season capable.

Market Holds

  • Market holds can be automatically applied based on pests identified in inventory enabling segregation of failed product. Internal holds can also be applied in order to comply with a variety of internal business rules.
  • Where available, industry-specific standards for pests and defects can be imported.

Tablets & Devices

  • Fruit sampling and condition checking available directly from a tablet enabling staff mobility.
  • Fully customisable touch screen feature allows for online grading of fruit.
  • FreshQuality integrates directly with selected scaled, penetrometers and refractometers to automate data capture from these devices.


  • Show live quality trends for a current packrun.
  • See quality trends over time or even across seasons.
  • Report quality by packrun or batch.
  • Report Fruit Tests.
  • Create custom reports using pivots or grids

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FreshShift enables visibility and management of people and productivity for better cost control.

  • Track and analyze downtime
  • Manage staff numbers and labor costs
  • View real-time productivity data
  • Analyze performance by shift, site or area
  • Keep production on-target
  • Monitor KPIs
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Shift Analysis

  • Track labour costs and manage staff numbers
  • Keep to production targets
  • Hour-by-hour cost analysis and production information as the shift progresses


  • Accessible from anywhere with a broadband connection
  • Multi-user access, administrator controlled
  • Sharing of key information for multi-site businesses in real time

Downtime Analysis

  • Record and track downtime
  • Analyse downtime in detail by userdefined categories
  • Report on downtime to observe trends and identify areas for improvement
  • Track throughput losses and reasons


  • Real-time production data
  • View current trays/hour and cost/tray
  • Show reasons for and duration of downtime

Shift Templates

  • User-defined shift templates with user defined roles for easy daily set-up
  • Set up labour costs against different roles
  • Different access levels - i.e. hide salary information from general users


  • Key performance indicators
  • Production reports
  • Easy to use pivot tables
  • Exports to various file formats

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    It’s a challenge for any system to keep abreast of so much information, yet FreshPack handles it with ease.


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    The system has revolutionised packhouse and business operations and delivered measurable efficiencies.

    PIÑATA FARMS Sales & Marketing Manager

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    We pay growers for what we pack, not what we sell. Radfords designed a bespoke grower payments add-on function to handle this arrangement.


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    From our first meeting, through to implementation and now using our software, the Radfords team has been faultless.


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    Radfords demonstrated a stronger customer focus than all other competitors. The ability to engage customers and growers with a fully automated and easy to use system is critical for our business.

    Managing Director, Red Rich Fruits NSW
    Matt Palise

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FreshInsights aggregates data from all your systems, enabling you to look at your business in new ways and make more informed decisions.

  • Centralize business data
  • Track performance across all areas
  • Maintain data security and control access
  • Generate grower and financial reports
  • Make faster business decisions
  • Simplify information sharing
  • Build high-level overviews
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FreshInsights KEY FEATURES



  • Make decisions faster, based on correct information
  • Track performance across your organisation
  • Reduce time spent updating and passing around Excel spreadsheets
  • Avoid user error related to importing or manually updating data in Excel
  • Unlimited user access included in license

Tailored Data

  • Similar look and feel to Excel spreadsheets but more easily locked down and shared
  • Build high-level overviews
  • Easy access to information tailored to you
  • Arrange, filter and format into personalised save-able layouts

Centralised Data

  • One source of the truth for all users
  • Combines data from multiple sources
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Auto-refresh on configurable schedule

Dashboards / BI

  • Can be configured to drive 3rd party business intelligence tools like Microsoft PowerBI

Data Security

  • Organise users into security groups
  • Limit functionality / visibility by security group
  • Full administrative control over what different users can see


  • Integrated report designer
  • Create personalised reports, using data from multiple systems
  • Generate grower and financial reports
  • Allows you to set up for 'One-click' reporting

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We provide a fully-developed, vertically integrated offering that will transform productivity, traceability and reporting across the business.

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Our farm management software integrates with your existing financials to give complete visibility of everything, everywhere, all the time.

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