Our FreshSales and FreshInsights apps will work together to transform the business end of your business, bringing you end-to-end visibility and better cost control.

FreshSales FreshInsights


FreshSales enables you to manage orders, inventory, trading costs and grower payments, with full reporting and analysis. So you can move more produce, more efficiently.

  • Create and manage orders
  • Track and control inventory
  • Manage grower payments
  • Streamline invoicing and credit notes
  • Centralize reporting
  • Analyse sales data
  • Interface with major marketers/customers
  • Gain end-to-end visibility
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  • Create orders and order lines with integrated order sending & splitting to sub-sites or suppliers.
  • Order revisions.
  • Trading costs.


  • View inventory in store, allocated and loaded out.
  • Track inventory by shipment
  • Transfers to other coolstores
  • Tracking of packaging and pallet bases


  • Invoicing by shipment and option for creation of Buyer Created Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Integration with financial packages and optional "payments received" processing for invoices.


  • Exchange order and load-out files with a coolstore application.
  • Import packed quantities from a packhouse application.
  • Transfer value of sales to third party grower payments application. e.g. Interface to accounting suites.
  • Create payment files
  • Interface to major marketers e.g. T&G

Grower Payments

  • Allocate fruit quantities to grower pools
  • Pool payments
  • Advance payments
  • Progress payments
  • GST calculation
  • Carry over grower balances
  • Move growers out of pool
  • Deductions after pool and tax calculation


  • Send grower payment advices
  • Pool summary reporting
  • Export data into Excel
  • Comprehensive sales analyses.

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FreshInsights aggregates data from all your systems, enabling you to look at your business in new ways and make more informed decisions.

  • Centralize business data
  • Track performance across all areas
  • Maintain data security and control access
  • Generate grower and financial reports
  • Make faster business decisions
  • Simplify information sharing
  • Build high-level overviews
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FreshInsights KEY FEATURES



  • Make decisions faster, based on correct information
  • Track performance across your organisation
  • Reduce time spent updating and passing around Excel spreadsheets
  • Avoid user error related to importing or manually updating data in Excel
  • Unlimited user access included in license

Tailored Data

  • Similar look and feel to Excel spreadsheets but more easily locked down and shared
  • Build high-level overviews
  • Easy access to information tailored to you
  • Arrange, filter and format into personalised save-able layouts

Centralised Data

  • One source of the truth for all users
  • Combines data from multiple sources
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Auto-refresh on configurable schedule

Dashboards / BI

  • Can be configured to drive 3rd party business intelligence tools like Microsoft PowerBI

Data Security

  • Organise users into security groups
  • Limit functionality / visibility by security group
  • Full administrative control over what different users can see


  • Integrated report designer
  • Create personalised reports, using data from multiple systems
  • Generate grower and financial reports
  • Allows you to set up for 'One-click' reporting

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We provide a fully-developed, vertically integrated offering that will transform productivity, traceability and reporting across the business.

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Our farm management software integrates with your existing financials to give complete visibility of everything, everywhere, all the time.

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