FreshGrow and FreshQuality help streamline your day-to-day growing operations on your farm

FreshGrow FreshQuality


FreshGrow will streamline day-to-day operations on your farm

  • Plan farm events
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Capture and manage your spray diary and program
  • Manage timesheets for pickers and labourers
  • Generate activity reports
  • Access maps, photos and documents
  • Manage chemical inventory
  • Schedule harvesting (Coming)
  • Create pick estimates (Coming)
  • Easily track bins and trucks (Coming)
  • Check variety summaries (Coming)
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Farm Events Diary

  • Month/Week/Grid/List views of all your farm events by season
  • Colour coded and customizable
  • Expandable to show full event management detail
  • Includes ability to email work orders

Spray Diary

  • Capture all required information in Spray
  • Application events
  • Re-entry periods are automatically tracked
  • Generate paper worksheets for use on orchards
  • Export to external spray diaries

Harvest Scheduling (Coming)

  • Create pick estimates for all orchard areas
  • Drag-and-drop estimates onto scheduler to quickly create Harvest Events
  • Schedule against a Supply Plan
  • All harvest scheduling information immediately accessible to all relevant users

Reports & Document Library

  • Full event reporting
  • Orchard, Block and Variety Summary
  • Staff, Training and Equipment Servicing reports
  • Pivot reporting tool
  • Store and access management plans, maps, photos, hand-written event records, etc.


  • Create diary event-based or standalone timesheets
  • Quickly generate line items for an entire crew - hourly or by piece rate
  • Export to payroll packages

Map Overlay Tool (Coming)

  • Capture and record orchard maps directly in Grownote
  • Add overlays of markers, boundaries and labels to maps or aerial photos
  • Use maps to give clear work instructions, highlight hazards and record changes on your orchards.

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Our FreshQuality application makes sampling, QC and market compliance easier and more accurate.

  • Simplify sampling and recording
  • Improve QC pre and post-pack
  • Apply and control market holds
  • Get full reporting and analysis
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Quality Control

  • Record sample data from any type of produce including rolling fruit samples, grade and phyto sampling, reject analysis, etc.
  • Can be used for both pre-packing quality checks as well as condition checks on packed fruit.
  • Record fruit test results for Brix / Pests / Defects / Pressure / SPI / Colour tests and record overall fruit loss.
  • Automatic grade validation based on live captured quality results.

Fully Configurable

  • Defect definitions, sample types, market holds and actions / alerts / email notification as well as grading graphs are fully customisable, enabling fast response to fruit going out of grade.
  • Global layouts can be applied centrally to multiple PCs. Multi produce and multi season capable.

Market Holds

  • Market holds can be automatically applied based on pests identified in inventory enabling segregation of failed product. Internal holds can also be applied in order to comply with a variety of internal business rules.
  • Where available, industry-specific standards for pests and defects can be imported.

Tablets & Devices

  • Fruit sampling and condition checking available directly from a tablet enabling staff mobility.
  • Fully customisable touch screen feature allows for online grading of fruit.
  • FreshQuality integrates directly with selected scaled, penetrometers and refractometers to automate data capture from these devices.


  • Show live quality trends for a current packrun.
  • See quality trends over time or even across seasons.
  • Report quality by packrun or batch.
  • Report Fruit Tests.
  • Create custom reports using pivots or grids

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We provide a fully-developed, vertically integrated offering that will transform productivity, traceability and reporting across the business.

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Our farm management software integrates with your existing financials to give complete visibility of everything, everywhere, all the time.

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